Our Current Programme

Seeing as we seem to have settled in and got our programme sorted for now, here are our current running series:

Series 1 – Psycho Pass
Intermission – Ground Defence Force! Mao-Chan
Series 2 – Steins;Gate

We watch two episodes of Psycho Pass, followed by Mao-chan and a break. After the break we return for two episodes of Steins;Gate.
After concluding the meet at 9pm, we convene in the local wetherspoons pub for drinks with whoever wants to join us.

If you want to know more about the any of the series, read on.

Series 1 – Psycho Pass

A currently airing cyberpunk detective series.
Citizens rely on the Sybil System to help maintain order by means of checking a person’s mental health.
We follow a team from the Criminal Investigation Division and their new rookie Akane Tsunemori as they are tasked with solving crimes where each seems weirder or more grizzly than the last.

Intermission – Ground Defence Force! Mao-Chan

A cute series based on a work by Ken Akamatsu the creator of Love Hina.
Mao Onigawara is an Elementary School Girl, who happens to be part of the ground defence force. With her friends Misora of the Air Defence Force and Silvia of the Maritime Defence Force they work to protect Japan from the cute little aliens.

Series 2 – Steins;Gate

Based on a visual novel released for the Xbox 360 in 2009.
In Akihabara, a group who call themselves the Future Gadget Lab are working to develop devices which will bring about chaos in the world. In actuality it’s just the delusions of Rintarō Okabe and his ravings about “the organisation.” By sheer accident they’ve modified a microwave so it can allow them to send text messages to the past. The series shows their experiments with that technology, and the unsavoury attention it brings.

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