First meet at Artcore

The next EMAG meet is on the 29th March at Artcore, 3 Charnwood street, Derby, DE1 2GT, from 5:30 to 9:30pm, main showings start at 7:30pm, but you’re advised to be there by 7pm.
We will be showing Psycho Pass 9 & 10 as we skipped them last meet, Mao-chan episode 4, and Steins;Gate 5 & 6.

New Venue Planned!

The place we plan on moving to is:
Artcore, 3 Charnwood street, Derby, DE1 2GT
No booking confirmed yet! We will post when it’s confirmed.

But it’s right next to community space, so we’re not moving far.

Moving Again

We have some bad news.
When confirming the next meet at community space on the 15th, we were told that community space is closing it’s room booking service by the end of the month, so we may not be there for the 29th.
We ask that you look for other rooms we could use and send them to us at

Our Current Programme

Seeing as we seem to have settled in and got our programme sorted for now, here are our current running series:

Series 1 – Psycho Pass
Intermission – Ground Defence Force! Mao-Chan
Series 2 – Steins;Gate

We watch two episodes of Psycho Pass, followed by Mao-chan and a break. After the break we return for two episodes of Steins;Gate.
After concluding the meet at 9pm, we convene in the local wetherspoons pub for drinks with whoever wants to join us.

If you want to know more about the any of the series, read on.
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The All-New EMAG

The EMAG has had a bit of a shake-up in the last couple of months.

We have had to move out of our well loved home in the basement of the methodist church and are currently wandering looking for a new permanent home.

There is a new committee: Phil Watson, Matt Blackman and Keith Brown have taken up the challenge of keeping the club running.